Rogers gets Apple slapdown

Rogers, the Canadian carrier that pissed off an entire kind, gentle, and non-warlike nation, is now getting some nasty treatment from Apple after creating a pricing plan that was so sufficiently onerous that even the calm Canadians created a sternly-worded a petition against it.

The Rogers deal was supposed to bring great rejoicing to the frozen North. Rogers would screw its customers and they would get iPhones, case closed. Now, however, after Rogers planned a huge launch event and even hired calm, Canadian employees to staff stores, expecting orderly lines of Canadian iPhone fans who would calmly inquire about the phone (“What can you tell me aboot the iPhone, sir?”) and then purchase one with the strong Canadian dollar, Apple is rerouting most of the Canadian shipment to Europe. That’s right: because Rogers is staffed by greedy dicks Apple is screwing them. It’s rare that a cellphone manufacturer does anything other than massage a carrier’s delicate anal tissue with its tongue so even if you disagree with Apple’s methods, quality, or pricing, it’s nice to know these boys know how to play hardball with notoriously nasty carriers.

UPDATE – Or this could just be a dumb rumor.