Sony hopes to kickstart India’s gaming market with a new PS2

Sony recently announced it will release the fourth version of the PS2 in India and Russia in late October. The new model will be slimmer and have a built-in AC adapter.

Sony hopes that by continuing to support the PS2, it will help strengthen the developing gaming markets in those areas. They are still marketing the PS3 but Sony feels that most potential gamers in that market will be more likely to pick up the cheaper PS2 experience first. After all, there are still lots of games coming out for it. They can upgrade to the PS3 if they enjoyed their experience with its little brother.

“PS2 is an entry-level console, which helps first timers to enter the gaming zone,” said Atindriya Bose, SCE country manager.

This isn’t the first time Sony has tried to tap the Indian gaming market. Over the past few years they’ve opened a gaming studio and signed 13 local game developers. Their upcoming title Bollywood Hero will have players dancing with DualShocks attached to their hips, and using the EyeToy to simulate a passionate kiss in the rain.