20K reasons to stay in your basement, if you're a Flash developer

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Attention Flash game developers-

It’s hard making money in your field these days, right? Actually, making money in any field these days seems to be quite difficult. But if you are a Flash developer and you’re focused in on games then why not enter into the Meez Inside Avatar Games Contest? There’s $20,000 worth of cold, hard cash in prize money and who doesn’t like free money? Meez has partnered with FlashGameLicense to run this contest starting today through September 8, 2008.

How do you get started? Inquire within.

You’ll need the Meez Inside Games developer tools like Avatar API and the rest is up to you, really. The games won’t be limited to the world of Meez, either, in case you were wondering. Some of the 3D Meez avatars are doin’ their thing in Dance Floor Destroyer. What that is, I don’t know. Your games, should you choose to participate, will be judged on the overall cool factor of your avatar. So make sure it has wicked graphics, dope beats (audio), it’s unlike anything else and the all-important factor being that people become hooked on it, like crack.

The Grand Prize winner will get $10,000, second place will come away with $5,000, third with $2,500 and five honorable mentions aka losers will get $1,000 each. Damn, I need to learn me some Flash now. Enter your submission here and read about the contest rules here. The developer’s tool kit can be downloaded here.