Baig, Mossberg, and Pogue review the iPhone, we sit quietly weeping

The three heavy-hitters have already reviewed the iPhone and were all, unsurprisingly, pleasantly surprised. Baig likes GPS and the 2.0 update. He couldn’t get 3G everywhere, which is a huge issue for some users.

Pogue has been rolling in a field of iPhones for months now and he really likes it… except the 3G part.

There is, however, a catch: you don’t get that speed or those features unless you’re in one of AT&T’s 3G network areas — and there aren’t many of them.

Finally, Mossberg says the battery is hitting about 4 hours with 3G running, which is pretty paltry. Hmmm… the 3G in iPhone 3G is what’s holding the bugger back. Maybe we should all go back to EDGE.