Hasselblad's H3D-II 50 has 50 megapixels just for you

Now here’s a nice-looking camera.It might even take nice pictures! With an FPS of 1 and max ISO of 400, it’s obviously not for action shots or taking to the club, but if you’re a product or portrait photographer, this might be a nice investment — if you’ve got the lenses to go with it. After all, with an image of that size (they’re 300MB each, compressed, lossless, proprietary), especially if you’re going to be blowing up pieces of it for print media, defects in your lens (or defects with your wallet, leading to a cheap lens) are going to be amplified quite a bit. Head over here for a lot more information on this beast of a camera.

Update: I didn’t notice this. I wonder how they compare? Kodak certainly seems proud of its sensor. I’d like to see some comparison shots.