D-Link now shipping a fancy Wi-Fi picture frame

Today D-Link is shipping a new 10 inch Wi-Fi digital frame (DSM-210) that will seemingly make it a snap to share photos from sites like Flickr and Facebook. Also, since it connected to the internet you can pull streaming content from websites and widgets. If you’re one of those “it must be green” types you’ll be happy to know that this frame has motion detection so it can automatically turn on or off.

To help you manage all the content your frame can show, D-Link partnered with a company called FrameChannel. They will provide a web-based tool so can manage your frame remotely (hope it’s secure, unless you like being goatse’d). The site also features 400 pre-made content streams that you can send to the device. If you’re not connected to the internet you can also load your photos using the standard methods other D-Link frames come with.

If you’re in the market for this web-ready frame, it’ll run you around $289.99 and is available now.