Supreme Court Justice has personal data stolen off LimeWire


An employee at an investment firm exposed clients’ personal data while using LimeWire. One of the clients was Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Much of his personal data was stolen!

Who still uses LimeWire? I mean really.

It’s a big story, one that you’ll probably hear on your local news today—“How one Supreme Court justice’s personal data was stolen by using THE INTERNET”—because it plays on people’s fears. “Hey schmoopy, make sure our no-good kid isn’t on that pair-to-pair thing, I don’t want my credit ruined.”

So, rather than taking thing as an opportunity to educate people—don’t share the entire contents of your hard drive when using The LimeWire (better yet, just don’t use LimeWire)—we’ll now be subjected to rants about how inherently unsafe p2p is. You know we will because the story is on Drudge right now, and Matt Drudge is America’s news editor.

Wake me when the scare-mongering has ended.

via Drudge Report