Mobile FireFox beta before the end of the year

Here we are again mentioning the iPhone, but this time, blame Mozilla. The open source loving FireFox creators say they are inspired by the full mobile Web experience of Safari and the iPhone, and that they hope to have an alpha release of a mobile version of FireFox by summer, with the possibility of a beta release before the end of the year.

Started in October 2007, Mozilla’s mobile FireFox project, code named Fennec, hopes to deliver what Safari and the iPhone did for mobile Web browsing, but in an open source format.

VP of mobile for Mozilla Jay Sullivan, told NetworkWorld: “With the iPhone, people have a sense that they can or should be able to browse the full Web. We’re in that camp: We’re going for the full Web.”

But even more than camping with Apple, mobile FireFox hopes to up the ante when its comes to usability and performance, while keeping it open for developers.

Sounds good to me.