Space Monkey Travels to Apple App Store Today

Glu Mobile started selling gaming titles for the iPhone and iPod today with the launch of Space Monkey. Apple’s App Store is now selling the popular mobile puzzle adventure game that has you cleaning up trash and fighting monsters across the cosmos.

“The launch of the Apple App Store allows consumers to easily discover and download games for their mobile devices,” said Jill Braff , senior vice president of global publishing, Glu Mobile. “Space Monkey for iPhone and iPod touch utilizes the unique features and capabilities of the platform to incorporate levels of touch and movement, rich graphics and replayability that make for a truly captivating casual game.”

In the game, you control a monkey on a quest to clean up the garbage that Earth has been dumping in space. (Hopefully Space Monkey belongs to a good Union. Zero gravity is hell on the back.) By spinning throughout the galaxy Space Monkey must grab junk, deflect hazards and fight enemies that are trying to stop the hairy garbage collector. There is little glory in this but at least in space no one can smell your stink.

This version of Space Monkey adds new features. The game utilized the accelerometer and Multi-Touch user interface of iPhone and iPod touch, allowing gamers to physically move their device and tap their screen for improved maneuverability and deeper game play.

Space Monkey can be purchased for $9.99 from Apple’s App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at itunes.