Intel reminds you to take your meds

After years of development and research, Intel announced it has been awarded approval from the FDA for one of the things it makes besides processors. While it can’t pop corn, the Intel Health Guide can collect vital signs and hold video conferences between patients and doctors.

The 8lb laptop sized health gadget is designed to help patients keep up with their conditions such as medications, reminding diabetics to check their glucose or even take someone’s blood pressure. The patients information is then encrypted and securely sent to the health care professional via Intel’s online, the Intel Health Care Management Suite. When appropriate physician and patient can discuss health issues live via video conferencing. The Health Guide runs Windows XP, has a 40GB hard drive and can also deliver inspirational messages to patients.

Even though my grandmother is still puzzled by a cordless phone, Louis Burns, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Digital Health Group, is sure that this important product “will improve the state and cost of health care around the world. We envision a wide range of usage models, not only chronic conditions such as CHF and diabetes, but also programs for health and wellness management at home.”

Intel said it expects the its Health Guide PHS6000 to be commercially available from health care providers late this year or early 2009.