iPhone has taken over Twitter (plus a special iPhone message)


Go ahead and type “iPhone” into Twitter search engine Summize, and you’ll see just how much Apple’s phone has captured the hearts and minds of the tech élite.

Some Tweets are rather negative, though:

KyleFlaherty: kind of happy that I’m traveling today and escaping iPhone mania

indigoskynet: Oh, clearly I’m gonna get sick of today real fast. Every third tweet is iPhone related

ilabelu: @jburka too much hype with the iPhone. People need to get a life

In the interest of those of you who are sick of the iPhone for whatever reason, some of us at CrunchGear will be on a specific non-iPhone duty today. They’ll have the headline in the form “Not iPhone: Something else” and the tag “notiphone.”

For what it’s worth, though, I’ll have Leo Laporte’s coverage on in the background throughout the day. How can you not like that guy? He’s too damn affable for his own good!