Turn an ordinary solar powered yard light into a chirping light show

Solar Powered Yard Light

If you’re pretty handy with a soldering iron, Make Magazine has a pretty cool project to turn an ordinary solar powered yard light into a chirping fixture.

After the fixture sits out all soaking up the sun, the coming of night unleashes a torrent of chirping and croaking sounds. The actual light also blinks along with the electronic cricket, creating somewhat of a confusing effect. Living in the city, I don’t have much experience with crickets, but last time I checked they didn’t blink that much.

Maybe crickets were intended to light up all along and something just went horribly wrong in their evolution. Fireflies sort of blink after all. Crickets would be much cooler if they did too. The idea of creating an army of blinking chirping yard lights does appeal to me on some sort of base level. This project is all about having fun and if it confuses the neighbors, all the better.