No lights or camera, just (laser) action for new Radiohead video

Still from \"House of Cards\" video

Without the use of any cameras or lights, Radiohead has created a new video for its song “House of Cards”.

Wispy points of light capture the ephemeral nature of a party scene as the scanner makes its way through a crowd, eventually ending up outside. Two different scanning systems enable the director, James Frost, to capture the images as they progress from faces to houses in a neighborhood at the end of the cul-de-sac.

In a refreshing merge of tech and no-tech, the making-of video shows the crew physically breaking up the image, by placing various objects in-between the scanner and the subject. A pane of glass with water dripping down it breaks up the image, while another effect is created by waving bits of mirror. The result is an image with a distorted data stream further enhancing the distinctive look.

Check it all out here.