Adam Sexton Hired as Skyfire Lab’s CMO

Skyfire Labs, the developers of the mobile Web browser Skyfire, has hired Adam Sexton to be the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer. Skyfire Labs has been recruiting some solid players lately as it prepares to make Skyfire generally available later this year. (See: Mike Rowehl Joins the Ranks of Skyfire Labs).

Adam Sexton has over 16 years of experience marketing and managing in both technology and entertainment. He made Advertising Age’s Top 100 list in 2000. In his previous gig, Sexton was Chief Marketing Officer at Groove Mobile and before that he was VP of Marketing at the Entertainment Technology Group at Macrovision. While at Arista Records, Sexton was responsible for marketing all if Arista’s pop and rock artists, including Santana, Sarah McLahlan, Dido and Whitney Houston.

Skyfire will put Adam Sexton’s talents to work. He will be responsible for all marketing strategies and programs ranging from product management, product marketing, customer acquisition and retention to revenue programs. That sure is a lot of work. Hopefully Skyfire will give Sexton some assistants and VPs to help.

“Mobile browsing is changing the face of mobile content as consumers expect unprecedented utility and entertainment on their phones. Skyfire is poised to deliver this fulfilling content via a breakthrough browsing experience,” states Sexton. “I look forward to leveraging my consumer marketing experience to give consumers real value and freedom when browsing the Web on their phones.”