iPhone 3G is starting to get hard to find

It was reported this morning at 6am EDT that all models of the new iPhone were sold out in 21 states. Jim Neal, who is a retired PR guy (keyword retired), used the iPhone availability widget on Apple’s website to check the stock of all its Apple stores.

“All told,” said Jim, “117 Apple stores reported having sold out of all models and only 27 stores indicated they had all three models in stock.”

Apple’s website says that new shipments of iPhones arrive daily, so you just have to get there early to get one. They also say to call 9pm the night before to make sure they got a shipment in.

Jim didn’t have any insight on the stock at the AT&T stores (I feel he dropped the ball), but its well known that most of them sold out the first day. No one is sure when they will be getting another shipment. Maybe we should ask Jim?