Network administrator hijacks key to the city

In an effort to save his job, or at least have the last laugh, a computer engineer has locked up San Francisco’s computer network and he’s not giving up the key. According to reports, network administrator Terry Childs created a password that granted him exclusive access to the city’s computer network; when the pass codes he gave to police didn’t work, he was taken into custody. He’s being charged with four counts of computer tampering.

While the city says that a motive is not essential to commit a crime, reports are that Child’s supervisors were considering firing him. City officials charge that as part of his sabotage, he rigged a system to eavesdrop about what was going on with his personnel case. They also fear that he could have allowed a third party access to the system, that could be wreaking havoc, while he sits in jail.

While system administrators have limited or no access to the cities system, officials say it seems to be operating normally. The city has said it is working around the clock to make sure the system is operable, if impenetrable.

photo credit: flickr