PlayGear Pocket Slim portable protection for your PSP

PlayGear Pocket Slim Case

Yeah, you know you need it. You tell yourself that you’re extra careful with your PSP and that you’ll never drop it. Except maybe that one time. Just that once. Never again. Well, you know that just isn’t true. Even if you are in denial or an extremely capable electronics user, just tell yourself it’s for storage or transportation and you’ll be all right. I know I ain’t never seen a backpack or bag that wasn’t ready to be filled with PSP-crushing items.

The new PlayGear Pocket Slim protector case from Logitech has you covered. Compatible with the 2000 series PSP, it is made from highly durable polycarbonate material to withstand all types of beatings. Options for customizable skins exist and access is provided for all controls and connections. Compatible with the Sony 2200mAh extended life battery, you should be set for hours of safe, portable entertainment.