A look at iPhone 3G with B&O headset

James Kendrick takes a hands on approach to several of the new iPhone 3G accessories. In his YouTube video, he starts with the Bang & Olufsen Earset 3 headset, commenting on how great they sound. B&O has a long reputation for high-quality audio gear, so we have no reason to doubt him. He hasn’t “done a lot of calling”, so while you’re sitting pretty on the headphone end, you don’t have give a hoot about what you’re friend on the other end of the line hears. But seriously now, it’s “probably gonna sound pretty good.”

The headset actually doesn’t appear too intrusive. It’s those over-the-ear type earphones, with a little dangly thing for the mic. Because these are stereo headphones, maybe you won’t look like a crazy person when you’re walking down the street supposedly talking on your iPhone. Maybe people will just think you’re singing aloud to yourself, like any normal, sane person would do.

For his non-using-the-iPhone needs, James picked up a dock to charge the phone. While Apple may not include the dock with the iPhone, they do include an impressively small charger that works through the synch cable. It plugs directly into the wall, so you don’t have to charge the phone while connected to the computer. The dock itself offers no revelations, with the familiar vertical stance and audio line out. Good for what is, and if you need one, you know what to expect.