Microsoft Q4 Results: 32% Increase In Earnings Per Share

It is definitely a day where attention is reverted back to the old IT giants as Microsoft today announced in their Q4 earnings results that they have seen the biggest earnings-per-share growth since 1999. Revenue reached $60 Billion for the first time, with $15.48 Billion for the quarter, an increase of 18% over last year.

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner said:

“Delivering $60 billion in annual revenue is an outstanding accomplishment and a testament to the powerful combination of great technology solutions and strong execution by our partners and global sales and marketing teams,” .. “The outlook for fiscal year 2009 is positive given the breadth of our impressive technology portfolio and the expanding collection of online services we are bringing to market.”

In a day that saw Google tank and IBM grow, the titans of tech seem to have returned. Despite the results, Microsoft shares have still softened in after-market trading after finishing the trading day up 1.5%