Pirates! Yarrrr! T’is why thar be no sissy PSP games!


I’m not gonna sugar coat it for you PSP fans out there; Sony’s CEO Jack Tretton told Engadget that the reason there aren’t any new PSP games coming out is, you guessed it, pirates! Tretton said that "piracy in the hundreds of thousands of units are preventing software sales. It’s a problem that affects our software sales right now."

He also blamed the PSP’s media functions and PS2 games being ported for the unit, saying that people don’t want to buy the same game twice. Back to the piracy thing, though. John Brownlee of Boing Boing Gadgets says it best

“So the loss of hundreds of thousands of totally imaginary, theoretical sales are preventing developers from generating hundreds of thousands of real ones? That’s not what’s going on. If that were true, the DS (which has a far more easy-to-access piracy scene than the still-difficult-to-hack PSP) would be a total ghost town.”

It’s likely that the real reason we’re not seeing the volume of PSP games in comparison to DS games is that the DS appears to be much easier for developers to work with and there are a lot more DS owners out there than PSP owners.