Top 5 Enterprise iPhone Apps

With the arrival of the new iPhone marking a beginning of the Apple enterprise era, we thought it would be proper to make of list of our top 5 favorite iPhone enterprise apps. Like a majority of the new apps, most of the ones listed below have a few bugs and to work out before they run optimally, which is to be expected for a new platform. In no particular order:

Expense2GO is an App that makes it easier to keep track of your company expenses create expense reports. Salesforce support is included, allowing you to submit your expense reports directly from your iPhone. It also has neat little features like reciept capture, where you use the iPhone camera to capture a picture of the receipt instead of having to physically keep track of each one. Expense2GO is available for free through the AppStore.

Salesforce mobile allows you to take your customer information from your Salesforce database on the go with you. Features included are access to Accounts, Contacts, and Leads as well as emailing and making phone calls directly through Salesforce. The application is currently free through the AppStore, but make sure your company has a Unlimited Edition Salesforce account, or a mobile license.

Oracle Business Indicators
The Oracle Business Indicators software is one of the highest user rated apps in the business section of the AppStore. The app gives you access to your valuable financial, HR,supply chain analytics, as well as alerts if there’s a problem. Oracle Business Indicators is currently free from the Appstore.

Stage Hand
The StageHand app allows users to control their keynote presentations from their iPhones while simultaneously showing the presentation notes. A great feature is the ability to tap anywhere on the mini-presentation on the iPhone to highlight certain areas on the main presentation. Stage Hand is currently available for $7.99 from the AppStore.

Mocha VNC
Mocha VNC allows you to access your home computer on your iPhone through Virtual Network Computing (VNC). It gives the ability to remotely access servers in case of emergencies without having to take your laptop everywhere. The Lite version is currently free from the AppStore.