Anonymous source leaks details of the LG Voyager update

The fine forks from MobileRoar are reporting that they got some hot details on a LG Voyager update from a “reliable” source. LG is calling this update the Voyager Refresh and it’s basically a firmware update free to all Voyager owners. The hardware has supposedly been improved too and you should be able to notice some cosmetic differences. People buying a Voyager for the first time will get the updated hardware and a new USB wall charger.

For old Voyager owners they will be able to take their phone to a Verizon store and have the firmware updated to version V10. The update will include support for visual voicemail, drag and drop icons, copy and paste, and a drawing pad.

These details are from a “reliable” anonymous source so who knows if any of this is true. We should find out in August, since visual voicemail will be rolled out then. I would imagine this update will be released at the same time.