Remember to give your ears a break with reusable, flat earplugs

It’s a common problem when going to loud shows. Remembering to bring those damn earplugs along. I know I always forget them. There’s no guarantee the club will have them to hand out (or sell). Therefore, all too often I’m left with ringing ears for days on end. It would appear a future exists where we will not have to check behind the bar for that fishbowl filled with those cheap, yellow uncomfortable foam things. The future holds promise with earplugs that can fit in my wallet.

Avoiding the damnable yellow ear-bullets will be a thing of the past if these credit-card-sized earplugs from designer Shing Lo come to market. I’ve tried carrying around a little case to keep earplugs in, but it just ends up lost and forgotten 9 times out of 10. I’ve even tried using a little keychain-earplug-case-thingy to keep a set always at the ready. Then I just lose my keys. Having rarely lost my wallet, it would seem the RNID earplugs would be my best bet. With a set of plugs living right next to my over-taxed credit card, which is being used to pay for over-priced club drinks, I’ll at least be able to save my hearing for one more show.