Review: Proporta Dual Skin case

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Well, now that we all know what side my bread is buttered on let’s take a look at the first of the iPhone 3G cases to hit these shores. While the Proporta Dual Skin case can fit any iPhone, this thin silicone case is made specifically for the 3G. It slips on like a rubber sock and keeps your the phone’s precious case from scratching against objects in your pocket or bag.
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The $21 case comes in White and Black – I tried the white one and it looks great on the white 16GB. It fits snugly over the iPhone and special raised nubs cover the power, volume, and mute buttons, which is slightly disconcerting at first. Only the mute switch, however, is difficult to move with the case on. The other buttons are fine.

The case itself adds some much-needed traction to the slippery iPhone. Except for some slight fit problems around the bottom it’s a great way to keep your iPhone safe and sound without resorting to bulky covers. It even comes with a lanyard so you can wrap the bugger around your wrist and look like a real champ.

Bottom line: A cool little case that offers quite a bit of protection.