Smart Berry is not RIM’s new handheld, it’s a toy for girls

If you like spoiling your kids and buying them things they will use for a week and then lose, then Bandai’s Smart Barry is worth a look. If you’re wondering why I’m being so hard on this device/toy, read on.

The Smart Barry is a game/text messaging device that allows you to send messages to 4 other devices that are no more the 10 meters away. On top of that your message can only for 64 characters long, which is even more limiting than standard text messaging. But to try and make up for that limitation, they toss in a virtual pet game.

Now I understand that is toy, and not a text messaging replacement. But when I found out the price of this thing I almost kicked a wall. The thing costs 96 dollars, for a toy that you can only use with other 96 dollar devices in a 10 meter range. I don’t see anything here that justifies that kind of price tag. Did I miss something?

[“Smart Barry,” I love it. Couldn’t bring myself to correct that. — Editor]