Plug-in hybrirds to the rescue, in 2010!

Not quite…

How are those gas prices treating you? Thought so. Good news, though, as plug-in hybrid cars aren’t too far away. In fact, if you’re keen to wait only 18 months, you could soon be driving out of your local dealership while thumbing your nose at Big Oil. Big Oil is Evil, remember.

Cars like the Chevrolet Volt, which is due for release in 2010, run on both electricity and gasoline. They’ll get something like 40 miles per charge, and then a gasoline engine takes over at 80-100 mpg. That’s to get you to the next charge station.

Such cars are expected to hit “critical mass” at around 2015. That’s when car manufacturers are expected to be cranking them out full bore.

Or, you can wait till the new, affordable Tesla comes out. At the very least, Tesla has a proven track record, and its cars don’t look like toys.