Pwnage 2.0 released: For iPhone 3G, you can only jailbreak


Pwnage 2.0 is here! It was officially released a few hours ago, and the servers have been pounded ever since. As such, mirrors keep popping up on the Dev Team’s blog; be sure to check often if you’re keen to use the software.

Note that for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch, Pwnage 2.0 only jailbreaks—that is to say it doesn’t unlock Apple’s newest speedbumped phone or now-overpriced portable media player. The easy-to-use software does, however, jailbreak and unlock 1st gen iPhones, even if they’re upgraded to firmware 2.0.

Now is when I ask what’s the point of jailbreaking an iPhone 3G when there’s already a fully functional, Apple-approved App Store?