CasualCafe Launches Elaborate Flash Games, Facebook Integration

CasualCafe, a developer of Facebook applications, has launched a pair of elaborate Flash games on its flagship site that it says demonstrate the company’s “browser games of uncommon size and detail”.

The two games are Burdaloo, a colorful puzzle game similar to Bejewled, and Spyde Solitaire, which takes a new twist on the classic card game with changed rules and powerups. Both games live up to the site’s promise – while they might not be as complex as The Continuum, another Flash game that we covered last week, their graphics and playability rival those found on some basic desktop games. The site allows users to save their progress and accumulated virtual currency through an account system.

In the next few days CasualCafe will be announcing releases of these apps on Facebook’s developer platform, along with an API that it says will allow its games to integrate micro-transactions, a point system, and secure communication channels developed by the company. While there are countless Facebook games already out there, CasualCafe’s offerings are much more polished and enjoyable than the majority of them.