That ad stinks! Armpit advertising hits the streets

Right Guard has come up with a stinky new idea for an ad campaign. Apparently, somebody behind the campaign figures that people tend to spend a lot of time looking at other peoples’ armpits. Or not enough time. I’m not entirely sure. But I do know somebody has been spending way too much time thinking about armpits and potential uses for said armpits.

Now, regardless of armpit infatuations, all those wasted armpits are finally being put to good use. Or at least use. A team of ‘pitvertisers’ recently hit the streets of London with digital TV screens sewn into the underarms of their clothing. Presumably, the screens give us information telling us the benefits of Right Guard and underarm protection. And with over 13 billion armpits out there, Right Guard sure has the potential to raise quite a stink.