WoodRatchet: It ratchets your wood

It’s not every day you find a cool gadget in a free newspaper in the Poconos but here you have it: the WoodRatchet, a system to hold wood at odd angles during building. You attach the ratchet to the floor and then ratchet the wood into place until it’s snug. You can then tap in a few nails and move on. Presto: what used to be a two-person job is now considerably simpler. It can also be used to true up walls and beams, as we see above.

For the benefit of readers with young, perverted minds I submit the following titter-inducing quotes:

Prior to the development of this product, it would take two or more people to properly align a wall; one to pry it into position and the other to nail it.

Show your WOOD who’s boss with the WoodRatchet®

I, for one, need no ratchets to show my wood who is boss. It’s only $69.95 and they accept Paypal.