Even more distractions for drivers: A touchscreen steering wheel

Spanish car-tech newcomer IFR Automotive has created a whole slew of distractions by allowing for the driver to control a whole host of functions. Not happy with the pitch, roll or yaw of your car? IFR wants to help. With the ‘Unidrive’ system, you can also change the parameters for the rev limit, valve timing, power output, steering assistance, ABS, noise valve, brake balance, ride height, traction and stability controls.

Currently being displayed at The British Motor Show, the tech was placed into the company’s ‘Aspid’ demonstrator car. IFR hopes to see the Unidrive system worked into mass produced cars at the design stage.

That has got to be a bad idea. Even the execution sounds iffy. Just placing a touchscreen in the steering wheel is conceptually unsound. The tactility of physical buttons is one long-tested feature to keep the drivers eyes on the road. I lost a sweet 1964 Dodge Dart slant-6 in a collision years ago. The car was totaled and the quote that is left ringing in my ears was the driver of the other car, (who happened to be a cop) whom upon emerging, said, “It’s these damn computers!”

Keep your eyes on the road, people.