Kluster Launches Private Survey Manager

Kluster, the crowd sourcing startup that launched earlier this year, has introduced support for new private Klusters designed to help groups manage decision making.

Each Kluster offers users a chance to ask a group a question (say, “What features should go into the new TechCrunch tablet?”). Each participating member is then categorized from the administrator panel – in this case, we might categorize voters as “Designers”, “Engineers”, and “General Consumers”. Once the data has been compiled, survey administrators can use the sites “klusterEQ” to manage how much weight should be given to the responses from each participant (we might want to rate a Designer’s style rating higher than a Engineer’s).

Kluster seems to be taking a multi-pronged approach to the crowdsourcing space, which includes a number of competitors like Ideablob and Innocentive. Last month the site launched NameThis, a site that lets companies ask the crowd what they should call their new product.

Private Kluster Tour! from Ben Kaufman on Vimeo.