Microsoft opens up the floodgates for indie development

Microsoft previously announced that they would open up their Xbox 360 online service to independent developers, and today they released a few important details.

Game makers who are members of its $99-a-year XNA Creators Club can submit their independent games for peer review, leading to possible inclusion on Xbox Live Marketplace. Starting this holiday season games developed by amateurs and hobbyists will be able to receive up to 70% of the revenue their games bring in.

I see this as a win-win-win situation. Microsoft gets a ton of new games, developers get a real chance to share their work and gamers will have the ability of playing some inspiring independent creations that otherwise might never have been. Throw in the fact that a fair revenue sharing percentage is in the agreement and hopefully that will bring out the best of what independent developers have to offer.

Assuming of course, that the developers aren’t paid in Microsoft Points.