Items of wonderment from Tokyo’s Panasonic Center

Here’s a handful of doodads and gizmos that may or may not interest you. Among them; a cool feature called “Intelligent Auto” that’ll be found on new Lumix digital cameras, a giant plasma TV with an SD card slot for instant digital photo gratification, a Surface-like touchscreen tabletop (apparently Panasonic’s been doing that stuff since long before Microsoft), a see-through high-efficiency dishwasher, a ridiculously thin plasma TV that uses half the power of ordinary plasmas, my first and last appearance as the anchorman for the Panasonic News Network, some RFID fun, and the world’s largest plasma TV – it’s 150 inches and does four times the resolution of HD.

I also got a chance to relentlessly question some of Panasonic’s lead fuel-cell engineers earlier today along with a tour of one of their factories, so I’ll have some photos and a full transcription of that interview up a bit later.