SSD I/O speeds: they're bigger in Texas

It’s that time again. Time to break records in rapid succession! The plainly named Texas Memory has created a monster of epic performance. The RamSan-440 uses DDR RAM in RAID configuration to reach speeds completely unheard of — even in semi-enterprise solutions like the Memoright MR25. With the capability to sustain 600,000 inputs/outputs per second, a max datarate of 4500MB/s, and a capacity of 512GB, this beast is reducing every record around it to a fine silicon paste.

Of course, 512 gigs of memory (648 actually, with NAND memory making up the difference and providing backup and error correction) and the controllers to make all that happen are going to run you quite a bit of scratch. You have to go through a whole rigamarole to get a quote, and when you do, it’ll knock your teeth out. I don’t think they’d want me to reveal it, but let’s just say that just for the base unit price, you can’t count the figures on one hand. [via DailyTech and eWeek]

Update: Corrected the memory types — it’s DDR primary, flash secondary. (thanks to the RamSan folks for keeping me honest)