Periodic table table

If you’re an aspiring scientist who happens to be looking for a coffee table, look no further. The periodic table, uh table, is exactly what it sounds like. Made by British Craftsmen in burred oak, the periodic table is constructed by individual blocks for each of the elements. Not only are the elements represented they are included.

If you have any safety issues, perhaps it’s best to hear what the manufacturer has to say:

By embedding all element samples in clear acrylic, they are beautifully presented and also protected from tarnishing. This format also helps to addresses health and safety issues, as all potentially toxic or corrosive substances are permanently encased in a thick layer of robust resin.

With an $8500 price tag, I originally was going to end this with something along the lines of ‘No way. That’s so expensive! I’ll build my own.’ But considering the fact I have no idea where to actually get Molybdenum, or plutonium for that matter, I’ll just have to say nice table.

via Bornrich