MindTouch Revamps Enterprise Collaboration Platform

Open source wiki developer MindTouch has recently announced Kilen Woods, the newest version of its collaboration and knowledge management platform. The version is the companies latest attempt to beef up their wiki collaboration interface.

Users now have access to an expanded set of adapters to various systems and web-services including Salesforce, SugarCRM, LinkedIn, MySQL, Microsoft Access, VisiFire, PrinceXML and several more. With access to a greater number of useful applications and databases users are able generate more comprehensive workflows and mashups for their enterprises.

The platform requires some technical acumen, but for the most part it simplifies some very complex interactions. For example, users are able to drag and drop directory structures from Windows to MindTouch and the hierarchy will be automatically created as wiki pages. Users can also publish an entire email thread from Microsoft Outlook to MindTouch Deki in a single click.

Kilen Woods will be available for download for free later this month. The wiki and knowledge management space has many strong offerings, notably those from Atlassian and Socialtext. The differentiator with MindTouch is their new mashup and integration services, allowing enterprise users to aggregate data and information from other platforms into a single solution. The other vendors achieve similar results by using plugins that have been developed either in house or via third-parties, while MindTouch is focusing on developing these servies as a core part of their offering.

Update: Corrected pricing information. MindTouch Deki is free.