Sidekick 2008 (Gekko) dummy phones spotted

With the Sidekick Gekko.. Gecco.. 2008 expected to launch next week, it’s not surprising that retailers have started to receive dummy floor models. With the list of retailers including a bajillion Best Buys around the nation, it’s also not surprising that pictures of these dummy floor models have landed online.

Least surprising of all? It still looks like every other Sidekick ever made.

Along with scoring a handful of pictures, CellPhoneSignal reports that a little birdie in a blue polo is claiming a (Best Buy exclusive?) July 27th release date, 3 days earlier than the previously expected date of July 30th.

A 3-day exclusive period that begins on a Sunday seems a bit odd, so don’t start planning a Saturday night parking lot camp-out just yet, Sidekick fans.