Turn off iPhone back-up… if you DARE

ZeroLogic explains how to turn off the long, long iPhone back-up process that starts up every time you connect the iPhone to your computer to sync. Obviously, this cancels all your future back-ups so you’re basically dead in the water if you fry your iPhone but it does save a good few minutes every time you plug in your iPhone. The choice, reader, is yours.

This command will change a hidden setting in the iTunes preferences that will force it to skip the backup process.

1. – Quit iTunes.
2. – Open Terminal.app
3. – Copy and paste this in, then hit return:
defaults write com.apple.iTunes DeviceBackupsDisabled -bool true

4. – Open iTunes
5. – Plug in your iPhone (2.0 or 3G) and sync.

It will take a few seconds, assuming you don’t have a ton of music or podcasts.

Changing the ‘true’ in step 3 to ‘false’ will re-enable the backup feature.

[via Giz]