Apprise: An Air RSS reader with AIM/Twitter integration

Christian Cantrell, an Adobe employee and editor of WatchReport just sent me a link to his latest project. It’s called Apprise Reader and it’s basically a feed reader with two very compelling features.

On the surface, Apprise Reader hits all the right buttons: Adobe Air, Twitter, AIM, RSS. It is, at its core, a feed reader with a dead simple interface. It accepts standard OPML files to import feeds and runs natively on Windows and OS X – Linux support is coming soon.

All of this by itself should make it worth the download but wait, there’s more. Apprise is in beta right now and it’s completely free. You can easily send links from the feed reader to Twitter or to any of your AIM friends. You could also conceivably edit the code to add in any destination you could imagine including blogs and micro-blogs like Tumblr. You simply enter your credentials and Twitter and AIM icons light up on top of the window. Tapping them sends the story to its respective destination.

Sure, it’s not earth-shattering but this is one of the first standalone readers I’ve seen to be able to do this. It’s a powerful and compelling addition to the standard feed-reader repertoire and sure to be soon replicated.