Motorola cleans out closest, reorganizes, again

Motorola announced plans for another reorg, this time in its home and networks mobility unit. The division is the company’s second largest business unit after its flailing mobile phone unit. It supplies carriers and cable companies with networking equipment and currently is organized into product units including cable set-top boxes, modems, cable infrastructure and networking gear.

Reports say the reorganization will divide these businesses into three units: one for cable set-top boxes and digital video equipment, Internet-based video and modems; and then the company’s networks business will be divided in two units: one for traditional wireless equipment for carriers, and another focusing on next-generation technologies including WiMax and LTE.

John Burke, current head of the cable set-top businsess, will be in charge of the cable equipment unit; the cellular equipment business will be led by Fred Wright; and Dan Moloney, current head of the whole unit, will lead the next generation technologies unit until a permanent leader is named.

Motorola’s latest reorg is part of the company’s larger plan to split itself in two, selling off the struggling mobile phone unit, or as some analysts predict, possibly selling off one or all of the three newly created units.