Some Guy: "Pedophiles use video games to get naked pictures of kids"

Jump cuts! Call to Duty! Final Fantasy! Maniacal Laughter! Space Invaders! Today brings us some absolutely insane reporting by Orlando’s Channel Six that involves the assertion that many games require you to send pictures of yourself to others to get points and that those others could be pedophiles and that your children could be stripping down naked to get the Show Your Weenus Achievement in Gears of War. This, we all know, is absolute bullshit.

“Kids are playing games, and they are being asked to take photos of themselves naked in order to get game points,” state attorney Cybercrime Detective Lt. David Maurer said. “There is not only the chatting version of the games but also a webcam involved.”

Almost everything about this story smacks of absolute ignorance but, as we all know, that’s what plays the best when you talk about video games. This bit of yellow journalism takes the cake simply because every point is pure, unadulterated speculation. They don’t even get the console capabilities correct.

CrunchGear’s advice? Keep your eye on what kids play, play with your kids, understand basic console technology, don’t freak out.

via Kotaku