Sweemo's bloggers like to experience anything – but their own site

Sweemo bills itself as a “experience sharing community website” where users bid auction style for “a unique range of user generated life experiences” like skydiving, cooking lessons from a Michelin starred chef or backstage passes at Paris fashion week. Think crowd-sourced Red Letter days. It was launched in a blaze of D-list celebrity stardust at London’s chic Embassy club in June (er, not that I went) and is currently being incubated by London’s g2i investment programme.

But that’s not the most interesting thing about Sweemo right now. The most interesting thing – apart from the helpful Italian pensioner who is offering the experience of Oxford Street or the opportunity to go Zorbing with two (2!) of London’s “hottest Glamour models” – is its blog. Why? because it’s hilarious.

Written by “Joe and Lucy”, the blog has absolutely nothing to do with Sweemo. Honest. The site is not mentioned once. As far as I can tell this a first for a startup in the UK, and deserves to be congratulated. It may have something to do with the fact that Lucy (who thinks “children are a lot smarter than they look“) has been busy looking after her sister’s “two little darlings”:

Within half an hour of arriving they’d emptied a whole pot of triple-action moisturiser, ruined my brand new butter-shine lipstick by painting their faces red, and tried to use my hair-straighteners as a sandwich toaster. And my “no-smudge” mascara? Well I may just sue under the trade descriptions act – you should see my cream sofa!

Luckily Lucy works in PR, and has a handle on this blogging thing. She was able to relate the whole story in laugh-out-loud detail. It was a hoot. Pity there are no permalinks. Details huh?

Meanwhile “Joe” – who recently went banger racing, enjoys windsurfing and pulled a “sickie on Monday to go watch the final day of the test match” – is a tiger a work. He recently landed a big project and “really must find out what it is.”

With a team like this, Sweemo is sure to go far.