Dell Studio Hybrid gunning for Mac Mini, EeePC


Dell has a new, rather odd-looking desktop that might tickle your computer bone. It’s called the Studio Hybrid, and it’s the company’s first foray into the trendy yet utterly useless realm of “green” and ”eco-friendly” computing.

The Studio Hybrid partly uses laptop components, such as a smaller power supply (65 watts v. 300 watts) to achieve its earth-saving status.

Dell is apparently going after the Mac Mini—that’s still around?—with this thing, touting its inclusion of a Blu-ray disc drive as well as HDMI output. Also a target for Dell, computers like the EeePC, which Dell described as a machine you’d use on vacation, not during your everyday computing. Burn.

Depending on how it performs—1.73GHz dual core processor, 2GB and Vista don’t exactly inspire us—it could be worthy of inclusion in, say, your home theater. Given the state of the dollar, $500 looks to be a OK deal.