Holy crap, there will be 23 Eee models before it’s over


Get right the hell outta town. By the time the sun burns out or December 21, 2012 – whichever comes first – there will be 23 different models of Asus’ venerable Eee PC, according to a presentation slide sent to Engadget Chinese. The netbook models will be divided into three classes: Ultimate, Pro Fashion, and Smart Casual.

If you consider yourself an elite user, you’ll eventually be able to purchase the S101 or the S91 which, according to the slide, will be “exquisite” and “extreme slim and light”, perfect for the “travel explorer” and the “free writer”. Free writers? Don’t write for free, you guys will ruin it for the rest of us.

Then there’s the Pro Fashion line, which will contain the 1000HV, the 1002SA, the 1002HA, and the T101. These netbooks are “precise, mature, fancy,” and appear to be “touch” which I’m guessing means touchscreen. They’re perfect for “insurance sales”, “editor, journalist” and “house agent”. Ah, I just figured out that “free writer” from above must have something to do with freelance writing, which most of the time ends up costing more than traditional, salaried writing.

Then there’s the Smart Casual line, which is made up of all the Eee PCs that are currently on the market, plus a whole heaping helping of new ones that’ll be coming out over the next however many years.