New Targus laptop case promises speedy trip through airport security

Targus announced today a new line of laptop cases designed to speed travelers through airport security. The first installment is the Zip-Thru 15.4″ Corporate Traveler Laptop Case that speeds up the process by eliminating the need for removing your laptop from its case. Anybody who’s ever done that has surely felt some degree of separation anxiety as they have seen their laptop go unprotected into the screening machine.

Targus worked in conjunction with TSA personnel to assure that the cases measure up to their needs. The screeners need to get the ability to get a clear view of the laptop as it goes through the machine. The case opens down the middle, separating the laptop from whatever other accessories you may be carrying.

With the ability to keep your laptop securely protected in its case, you’ll be more protected from lost or damaged laptops, resulting in a less stressful travel experience. Assuming of course, that you don’t have to argue with the TSA guys about it.