Where are the smartphones for seniors?

A TC/CG reader Teresa asks we, the gadget-nation, a question: where are the good smartphones for seniors? Sure, they have ClarityLife and the Jitterbug but neither of those work as real smartphones. Teresa wants something with a little power. She writes:

I am one of the 22% of seniors (39 million) that have a laptop, cell phone, etc.
Most seniors are barely online and not often.  They still stick steadfastly to offline behaviors-watch TV & read newspapers etc
What I don’t understand is why no company is making a product that, as a senior, is adapted to aging, as follows:
1. Easy to use/large print Smartphone that is already loaded with wi fi…with large letters, screen etc. -everyone over 50 has eye changes and everyone over 65 has some limitation in texting due to arthritis etc. 
2. Since Nokia & Android may be joining together to create new Smartphone…this would be a perfect time to design, develop & create one that the Boomers (43-63)-81 million adults and Seniors (65+)-39 million adults=120 million adults could use that does is not difficult to use & adapted to aging population.
3.  I have had various cell phones and computers and they always have instructions that are long, arduous and only a geek can understand.  As a consumer, shouldn’t I not only be able to understand how to operate it, but also have a choice of what I want on it??  
4.  The smart thing to do, would be to create a Smartphone “shell” , making, numbers, screen everything big enough for groups above to read and use, then give them a choice of what they want with it when they purchase it (ie, text messaging, camera, GPS, etc..).  They then are offered choices that can be customized to what they want.
5.  It should also include mobile VolP software connectivity without GSM contract & a flate fee plan.  Or use dedicated handset for VolP & GSM cards pre-installed. International travel in this package, is essential, many  travel frequently. Could adapt the Nokia N95 to above & lower the price.

Before I retired 3 yrs ago I was Nurse Consultant for State of California Preventive Health Care for the Aging and have the scientific, medical expertise to see where the world of techonogy is very unresponsive to a population that is aging. I am curious to see if any of those corporations will respond to my request/challenge.
AAA Magazine advertises one with large #’s etc…but it’s features are so limiting, it wouldn’t serve many people’s purpose for one.

What have you guys gotten for the seniors in your life? What would be a good phone for Teresa and her friends?