Can't stop stinking in the office? Try these deodorant suits

All people having problems with their body odor when wearing suits during these hot summer days should come to Japan and visit the Aoki stores. Aoki is a well-known menswear retailer in this country and a supporter of Cool-Biz, a program initiated by the Japanese government to combat global warming.

The aim of the program is to politically encourage white-collar workers in Japan to dress as lightly as possible during the summer in order to cut costs and emissions stemming from air-conditioning in buildings, trains ans buses. The idea was later adopted by South Korea and the UK.

Aoki has been offering a full range of extra-light and moisture-absorbing apparel since the beginning of the environment campaign in 2005. This summer however, they started to sell clothes satisfying men who don’t stop sweating or stinking even with cool-biz compatible menswear (me, for example).

Next to cooling you down, the so-called Farago Aircool suit [JP] ($370) emits deodorant and has an antibacterial effect as well. To make things perfect, Aoki also offers deodorant T-shirts ($13), deodorant polo shirts ($37) and – most importantly – deodorant socks [JP, PDF] for $7.80 .

The company developed the clothes in cooperation with Shinshu University.

Via Mainichi Shimbun [JP]