Four pack Wiimote charging station on its way

Invite your friends over for some quality casual gaming with no worries about your Wiimote losing its charge. The Wii is a shared adventure, all the ads tell us so. As such, it seems even the peripherals come as a community.

This 4X Quad Charge Station from Penguin will be priced at $44.99 and be capable of charging – you guessed it – four Wiimotes at the same time. Handy little lights tell you how much charge each individual Wiimote has. Using Li-on rechargeable battery packs, each Wiimote is promised to provide up to 13 hours of playing time.

Wii-gluttons dig in. Choose one friend and prepare yourselves for 26 hours of non-stop Wii-ing. Invite three over and you’ll be limiting you and your friends to a 13-hour stint. For the truly brave, with this one charging station you will have 52 whole hours of non-stop Wii-ability at your disposal. And with a promised 4-hour charging time, in effect you could go on forever. Wii and charge. All at the same time.