WANT: Spray on laser shielding

Well, I don’t want it, the U.S. Air Force does. I don’t think I have much practical use for a coating that would shield me from laser blasts. Yet. Real life laser weapons are a reality. Maybe not a common reality, but they do exist. As such, at some point the military will want to protect their missiles.

If the Air Force gets what it wants, the tech will only need to be able to deflect laser blasts for about five seconds or so. The five-second rule stems from the need for the military to acquire a thermal protection layer. Just long enough to keep any laser from penetrating the skin of the weapon.

The tech doesn’t have to be just for saving things that blow up other things. With laser shielding, commercial airliners could be protected from ray gun blasts. And of course, our impending warp ships will need a layer of the stuff too.